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SIMS Parent App


The SIMS Parent App is a secure online service designed to provide a convenient way for sharing information with parents. This App will enable parents to see accessible information about their child in real time.  It is hoped that in time more information will be accessible and that this will help parents support their child in their learning.

Benefits of the App for parents:

  • all School Reports will be published through SIMS Parents App only, paper copies of all school reports will no longer be issued but reports will be available to download within the SIMS Parent App;

  • ability to check and amend the personal data in the Data Collection tile (no longer any need to email the school with changes to address, phone number or email address of contacts);

  • view the school term dates;

  • view the school calendar dates (this information will no longer be available on the school website);

  • view your child’s attendance;

  • view your child’s timetable.

  • view your child's achievement points.


This service is designed for use by all parents/guardians and parents will be able to access the information remotely, through a PC or mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.  SIMS Parent App will be accessible to parents/guardians who have parental responsibility of pupils in Years 8-14.  Parents will only receive a registration email if there is an email address assigned to them on our system. 


A SIMS Parent App - Set-up Guide & FAQs can be found below. Please read, and follow, the instructions very carefully


Parents should ensure they use the 'Register with an External Account' button and use either Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Twitter to register – see pages 4-6 of the Set-Up guide.  Parents should NOT USE the SIM ID or Apple ID buttons as the registration will fail. 


There has been very positive feedback from other schools who use this App and we believe this to be a very useful tool for parental engagement.  The school will continue to use Iris ParentMail alongside this to facilitate email correspondence, absence reporting and cashless payments for school meals and trips etc. 

if there are any problems, please view the Set-Up Guide & FAQs

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