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School Council

Sullivan Upper School is a community of pupils and staff working together to maintain high academic standards in a caring and supportive environment. One of the ways in which this learning community is strengthened is through the combined efforts of pupil representatives and members of staff working together to address relevant issues.

The aim is to encourage pupils to realise that this is their school and as such their opinions are valued. It also enables staff to gain a pupil perspective on school life and vice versa and so enhance the whole experience for everyone concerned.

The role of the pupil representatives is to bring forward pupil opinions on a variety of issues and discuss them with staff. Also the pupils act as a link with their peers during consultation exercises and provide a useful channel to inform others of forthcoming developments.

Each Form Class elects two pupil representatives. Each year group then elects two pupils from this group who represent the year group on the School Council which meets once a month.

The benefits of such activities are far reaching. Involving young people in decision making is not only about recognising their rights, but also about developing skills of co-operation which are necessary if we are to achieve a more cohesive and democratic society. If children are expected to have views and as responsible citizens to elect representatives to express those views within a democratic framework, then the school council is a part of introducing pupils to that process.


When the Year representatives are elected, their term of office is from April to April. These representatives express the thoughts of their Year group as informed by their Class Representatives in each form base. The Council will elect a Chairperson, Vice- Chairperson, Secretary and Publicity Officer. The Chairperson will liaise with Miss Aranha (Student Council Coordinator) on the agenda for each monthly meeting.

Student Council Representatives April 2023 – April 2024


Chairperson: Charlie


Vice-Chairperson: John


Secretary: Rayyan


Publicity Officer: Katherine


Year 9 representatives:  Rayyan and Issy


Year 10 representatives: Adam and John

Year 11 representatives: Chloe and Myles


Year 12 representatives:  Ethan and Finn


Year 13 representatives: Charlie and Reuben


Year 14 representatives:  Katherine and Charlie

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