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Changing C2K password

Please use the link below to change pupil or staff c2k passwords at home:

If pupils/parents need to email about password issues, please use the email address: 

What is the Internet, Cloud and Digital Media?

Internet - The Internet is an electronic information highway connecting many millions of computers and individual subscribers all over the world. As this global network is not governed by an international body there are obviously dangers concerning the kind of information that is accessible to its users. However, the educational value of appropriate use of information and resources located on the internet is substantial.

Cloud – Cloud-based learning and teaching encompasses a broad range of educational resources available in an online environment. This includes My-School, Fronter, Equella and other online resources.

Digital Media - This covers all hardware, software, portable and non-portable devices used for educational purposes inside and outside of school.

Rationale for pupil use of the Internet, Cloud and Digital Media

The school encourages pupils to use the rich educational information sources available on the internet and cloud, together with the development of appropriate skills using digital media to fully utilise such resources. On-line resources offer pupils a broad range of up-to-date information; provide independent research facilities; facilitate a variety of learning styles and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning. E-literacy is a fundamental requirement for all pupils in order to prepare for the continually developing technological age in which we live.

Networked Access to Internet, Cloud and Digital Media

The school provides filtered internet access to pupils and staff on both the C2k and the school’s non-C2Knetworks. Only filtered internet connections provided by, or on behalf of, the school may be used to access online material at school. Parents, pupils and staff are reminded that all mobile electronic devices must also be used in accordance with the mobile phone policy.

How will pupils gain access to the Internet, Cloud and Digital Media at School?
  • During ICT lessons.

  • Through subject use across the curriculum.

  • During extra-curricular activities.

  • In the study areas, during normal school hours and occasionally at other times.

  • Through school wifi (filtered).

Are there any dangers associated with using the Internet, Cloud and Digital Media?

Since the internet and cloud are composed of information from a vast array of sources world-wide, it includes some material that is not of any educational value in the context of the school. This material may include information that is inaccurate, abusive, profane, sexually oriented, racist or illegal.

In order to guard young people from any inherent dangers it is the joint responsibility of the school and parents/ guardians to educate pupils about their responsibility when using the internet and cloud.

Parents/Guardians should notify the Vice-Principal for Pastoral Care of any school related activities involving the internet, cloud or digital media which cause concern.

Promoting Safe Working Practices

The school is determined to continue to provide high quality training for staff and pupils to make best use of its ICT facilities. Pupils will be provided with appropriate training and guidance on how to safely use the internet, cloud and digital media during KS3 ICT classes. Staff will continue to receive appropriate training in the safe use of the internet, cloud and digital media.

Pupils and staff will also be advised of the Health and Safety issues surrounding the use of digital media technology.

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