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The school is well provided for, with the following facilities on site:

  • Three rugby pitches

  • Two all weather hockey pitches

  • Seven tennis courts

  • One cricket square

  • A purpose built Sports Hall

  • Use of the main School Hall

  • A small swimming pool

Sport and games play a big part in the life of the school. Each year group has a double period of curricular time devoted to games as well as the statutory provision of Physical Education. However, after school and at weekends there are many opportunities for pupils to get involved.

The extra-curricular programme of sports is funded by parents’ voluntary contributions which cover the costs of coaching, transport and hire of facilities.

The school regards sport and games as important parts of the provision made for all pupils and seeks to help all pupils to develop their skills in sport and games as fully as they can. All pupils are expected to take part in sport and games, the opportunities available to them developing as they become older.

The school emphasises participation, aiming to see as many young people as possible taking part in and enjoying sport and games and seeking to do their best. Pupils are encouraged to play sport and games in a team context, learning what it is to be part of a team.

The school measures its success in sport and games in many ways - the number of activities available and the numbers of pupils taking part being two of the more important among them. However, the principal criterion against which success is measured is whether the young people involved in any sporting activity or game have been sufficiently engaged by it to continue with it when they leave school and go on into adult life.

Sport and games involve competition, of course, and the school wants to see its pupils and their teams do as well as possible against those of other schools. Whilst the school will encourage its pupils to be competitive, it will want their sense of competition to be a proper one, working within the framework of rules for each activity and also within the wider framework of good sportsmanship.

Provision is normally as follows:

[a]    for girls:   hockey*, netball*, badminton*, swimming, tennis, athletics

[b]    for boys:  rugby*, hockey*, cricket, athletics, tennis, badminton*, swimming

The sports marked with an asterisk are played primarily in the autumn and spring terms. Other sports available include – basketball, volleyball, rounders, softball, table-tennis, fencing and golf.

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