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Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3
Key Stage 3

The timetable is organised into a 50 period week and all pupils in Year 8 follow a common curriculum made up of the following subjects with the current period allocation.

1 Science: a general, balanced course

2 = in Year 8, three classes study German and two classes study Spanish; this is then reversed in Year 9; in Year 10 pupils study each language for half the year.


  • In Key Stage 3, the classes are not streamed.

  • Pupils are taught in their form groups [of about 30] for English, Mathematics, French, Spanish, German, Geography, History and Religious Education. They separate into boys’ and girls’ groups for Physical Education and Games and into groups of about 20 for Science,  IT, Technology, Art and Design, Home Economics and Music.

Key Stage 4
Key Stage 4

Pupils in Key Stage 4 study for GCSE examinations. The programme of subjects followed by each pupil attempts to combine a broad and balanced curriculum which enables pupils to keep their options for further study open with as much choice as possible.

1 Those doing Mathematics have 6 periods per week plus 2 Physical Education periods in Year 11 and one in Year 12.
Those doing Further Mathematics have 7 periods per week plus one Physical Education period in Year 11 and none in Year 12.

2 = Depending on pupil numbers


Further Mathematics is made available as an extra GCSE subject for those pupils who are considered strong enough mathematically to take it and who wish to do so. The total number of places will be limited and a decision about this subject will be made on the basis of the end of Year 10 examination results. Those who study Further Mathematics take Mathematics in Year 11. Parents should be aware that this is a two-year course and all pupils who select Further Mathematics are expected to continue with it into Year 12.​

Sixth Form
Sixth Form

Pupils in Lower Sixth (Year 13) study for 3 or 4  AS Level examinations. 

We currently have a collaborative arrangement with our close neighbour Priory Integrated College and pupils may be able to avail of some subjects through this collaboration.

In addition to their AS Level programme, pupils study Careers, PE, Games and Personal Development.

In Upper Sixth (Year 14) pupils continue with 3 subjects and study for A Level examinations. A small number of pupils take 4 or 5 subjects to A Level.


Art & Design

Business Studies
Computer Science
Design & Technology
Drama & Theatre Studies

English Literature
Further Mathematics
Government & Politics

Moving Image Arts
Nutrition & Food Science
Physical Education
Religious Studies

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