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Year 14 Nutrition & Food Science CAFRE Trip

On Wednesday 4 October, Year 14 Nutrition & Food Science pupils enjoyed a full day interactive workshop at the College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise. This supported the delivery of their A2 Nutrition and Food Science course.

Eva Weiniger (Year 14 pupil) provided feedback on the day:

When taking part in the practical section of our educational visit we dressed ourselves in PPE and familiarised ourselves with the production line of burgers. We learnt about the importance of food hygiene by analysing the steps taken to produce burgers and identified critical control points that could cause danger to consumer health and safety.

The presentation on HACCP and involvement in the practical session has given me a head start to what we will later be learning later on in our A2 course. It will help us to understand the need for HACCP in the food supply chain.

We were also given a careers talk which highlighted a variety of courses, including CAFRE’s opportunities for careers in the food industry.

Eva Weiniger, Year 14


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