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Sullivan Fencing: 2024 British Youth Championships

The 2024 British Youth Fencing Championships were held over the weekend May 4th to May 6th in the English Institute of Sport arena in Sheffield. Four SU fencers had qualified for the event and took part across 2 age groups: Cassidy Ogle, Lennox Brown and Myles Wilkinson in the U16s and Adam Sugar in the U14s.

The BYCs is the biggest UK youth fencing competition of the year with all of the UK’s best young fencers competing. All 4 SU fencers put in strong performances including one L32, two L64s and one L128.


SUFC 2024 BYC Results

U16 girls: Cassidy 27th.

U16 boys: Myles 63rd, Lennox 43rd.

U14 boys: Adam 77th.


David White

SUFC Coach

12 May 2024


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