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Technology & Design

Departmental Aims
  1. To develop an interest in Technology and Design.

  2. To equip pupils with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to solve. practical/technological problems which may involve the manufacture of quality products.

  3. To develop in pupils the ability to think and plan in a logical sequence of procedures towards a given objective and to pursue goals which can be realistically achieved according to their ability.

  4. To equip pupils with an understanding of control systems.

  5. To develop a range of communication skills.

  6. To ensure safe working practices.

  7. To encourage and develop independent thinking.

  8. To encourage curiosity, enquiry, initiative, inventiveness, creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and confidence.

  9. To encourage pupils to appreciate the benefits of working with others in teams.

  10. To develop an awareness of the impact of Technology and Design.

  11. To provide pupils with opportunities to evaluate their own work and the work of others.


Mr D W R Stinson (Head of Department)
Mr R Eves
Mrs N E Mitchell (Part-Time)
Mr D McCaffrey (Physics and Technology Technician)

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