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Departmental Aims

Science is taught in Year 8 only. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught separately by specialist teachers from Year 9 onwards.

Year 8 pupils have 5 periods of Science a week and are taught by a Chemistry, Biology or Physics teacher in their laboratory.

The aim of the Year 8 Science course is to provide pupils with an introduction to Science and then to give them some insight into each of the three Sciences. The topics covered are:

  1. Beginning to be a Scientist

  2. States of Matter

  3. Elements & Compounds

  4. Cells & Reproduction

  5. Energy

  6. Dying for a Suntan

  7. Colours & the Eye

A practical and experimental approach is used in lessons and independent learning is encouraged through presentations, project work and research. 

ICT, mathematics and communication skills are developed in appropriate scientific contexts.

Throughout the course and the three Science courses, the emphasis is on enjoyment of Science and its application in everyday life.   

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