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Year 8 Pupils meet Princess Anne


Year 8 Pupils meet Princess Anne Most of you probably think that science is just an ordinary subject but wait till you hear this!  On Wednesday 7 March 2012 half of my class 8D and half of 8C met Her Royal Highness Princess Anne and just in case some of you don’t know how high up in the Royals she is, she’s the Queen’s daughter!

We were told about two weeks before this great expedition that we were going to be taking part in a project, this project was called project 500!  At first most of us thought it would be just like any other project, an endless list of questions to answer and a nightmare test at the end but actually this project turned out to be quite different!

We started off by separating into groups of boys and girls, then we drew numbers from a hat to find out what activity we were doing like making posters or searching the net. Then we got to work!

On the big day after school we were all told to leave our mobile phones in the classroom but no-one really took any notice until later on!  When we arrived at Holywood Library we had to go through a security check which was thrilling!  We then sat down to get ready for science show with an amazing host scientific Sue!  Priory Integrated College were also there.

Once the show was over we were told to get ready for the special guest, to tidy our uniforms up and that we should call her your Royal Highness the first time we spoke to her and if there was a second, Maam!  At this point we were all slightly worried about who this special guest was!  Priory already knew who the guest was but Sullivan had no clue which made it even more exciting if you ask me!

Then Princess Anne entered and walked around all the tables to talk to us about the project we had been working on.  There was also a lot of tall people there with extremely tall cameras!  It was really scary but exciting at the same time. Once she had finished looking at our projects she stood to the side and watched the end of Scientific Sue’s show with us!  It was amazing meeting one of the Royals because I had never met one before!  When I got home I turned on the news to find a video clip of myself speaking to Princess Anne!  It was a very interesting day and I had a lot to tell my parents when I got home!

By Beatrice Campbell, Year 8

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