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Sullivan U13 vs. Banbridge Academy – Rugby


ullivan U-13 vs Banbridge Academy

On Saturday 21 September 2013, Sullivan U3 beat Banbridge Academy 55-0 at Banbridge. The ground was very wet but fortunately it wasn’t raining. The ball was dropped several times throughout the match and scrums seemed to have quite a big influence on the match. Sullivan scored not long after kick off when Jack McClosky ran around the defenders with ease and was in under the posts, a very good solo try from Jack. Sullivan’s second try didn’t come long after that, when William Hamilton similarly ran around the Banbridge defenders like Jack had done previously to score his try.  Sullivan was up 10-0 and unfortunately, both of the conversions were missed. Sullivan kept on fighting and scored their third try through Sol Harper who made a powerful run easily stepping past the defenders.  Sullivan was doing well and about ten minutes before half time, Peter Casement scored the fourth try when he spotted a gap in the defence and ran right through it. Conor McKee converted his try and Sullivan were looking very strong. Near the end of the first half, Ben Holley scored the fifth try of the game after a penalty was taken quickly.  The ball was popped up to him and he charged right through the defence, it was a very good try. Jack Crishop converted his try and at half time Sullivan led 29-0.

During the course of the match, Sullivan made many substitutions so a few of the players were substituted at least once during the match. Sullivan got the second half kicked off and for quite a while, the two teams battled it out to see who would be the first team to score a try. Sullivan was that team. The backs gave the ball out wide and Jack McClosky received the ball and like his first try, he ran around the defenders and scored his second try of the game. Conor McKee converted his try and Sullivan was leading 36-0. The next five minutes of the match was tight and both teams were playing very well. Sullivan then scored again after a lot of slow play and it was Sol Harper who scored, getting his second try of the game. This try was converted by Jack Crishop making the score 43-0. There was only about ten minutes left of the game but Sullivan weren’t finished yet. Rory O’Brien was the next person on the score sheet when brilliant support and teamwork from himself and Jack McClosky led him to the try line making the score 48-0. There were a few more substitutes after this try and the game only had about five minutes left. Sullivan nearly conceded a try after some very good work from Banbridge led them close to the try line. Then on the last play of the game, Finlay Greer received the ball and scored his first and the final try of the game. William Hamilton made the conversion leaving the final score at 55-0 to Sullivan. Sol Harper won man of the match and it was a great day for Sullivan U13’s.

By Peter Casement

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