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Politics Society – Baroness O’Loan


On Friday the 16 December 2011 , the Politics Society welcomed Baroness O’Loan as part of the “Peers in Schools” Programme.

Her visit came at a great time for the politics students, having just covered the topic of Parliament, it was fantastic to have Baroness O’Loan to talk to us about the House of Lords in greater depth.

Baroness O’Loan began by explaining to us a “day in the life” of a peer. She also explained in depth how committee in the House of Lords work and that she is a member of two sub-committees. She explained that she actually applied to be a member of the House of Lords.

Baroness O’Loan then kindly agreed to answer a few questions from our members, from which we learnt a lot. It was interesting to find out that as a peer herself she sees the future of reform in the House of Lords as needing a process of retirement or time out for people who are ill and she does not think it would be a good idea for the House of Lords to be elected.

With that, our meeting was concluded, and I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Baroness O’Loan for coming and for everyone who attended.

Savannah Thompson  (Secretary of Politics Society)

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