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National READATHON Book Review Competition 2014



Year 10 pupils in 10P and 10J have won the UK National READATHON Book Review Competition 2014!

Classes 10P and 10J recently reviewed the first chapter of an intriguing new novel, “League of Sharks” by David Logan. They won the competition and we have received £500 of exciting new novels for the English Department and Library. A sample of the reviews (by Sam Henderson, Caitlin McIlwaine, Luke Hall and Sarah-Jane McEneny) can be viewed at the following web address:

Pupils in Years 8-10 have all been participating in their annual READATHON sponsored read. We have raised over £4000 in the past three years at Sullivan Upper, and this total continues to rise. This money is donated to children’s cancer charities in the UK, as well as partly to our own school library. Keep reading!

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