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Girls Hockey Tour to Glasgow:

At the end of February, the girls 1st and 2nds squads head on tour to Glasgow. After an early Stenaline crossing to Cairnryn our tour started with two great games v StAloysius College. The 1stXI lost 2-1 (Niamh F) and the 2nd XI had a super 5-1 win (Maddie x2, Ella, Niamh McC, Selena). We finished our first day with dinner at the Hard Rock Café.

The second day our Scottish tour consisted of exploring the world of VR, overcoming some fears on a high ropes course, a quiz and some very competitive games involving some singing

Day three saw us competing in a very exciting selfie scavenger hunt around the city involving big hats, flags, eating haggis, irn-bru and bagpipes. After squeezing in the viewing of the Ireland v Wales rugby match, we had a very competitive set of matches v Western Wildcats ending in a draw for the 1sts and a loss for the 2nds. The day ended with a visit to La vita Sputina for some great Italian food and of course no evening would be complete without some ice cream

Our final day plans changed slightly due to a frozen pitch which meant we couldn’t play our planned match v Scotland Over 35’s but that didn’t dampen our spirits, so instead we headed off for some ten-pin bowling, before heading back to Cairnryn. Some interesting techniques and bowling actions on display, so I think it’s safe to say we’ll stick to the hockey!

Thanks to everyone for helping make a very successful and memorable tour.


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