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Examination Success in August 2012


Sullivan Upper pupils are once again celebrating after obtaining superb results in the recent GCSE, AS and A level examinations.

At A Level 83% of pupils obtained 3 grades A*-C and 35 pupils were awarded at least 3 grades A/A*.  Five pupils (Kirsten Beggs, Wilson Hill, Adam Leach, Jill Luke & Tom McClelland) secured places at Oxbridge.  As always, the most important statistic is that the overwhelming majority of pupils secured their place at university.

At GCSE a highly impressive 50% of the year group obtained at least 7 grades A/A* and 96% obtained at least 7 grades A*-C.  23% of all entries were awarded an A* grade.  Five pupils (Rebekah Fitch, Rebecca Kelly, Michael Kennedy, Catherine Kitchen & Rowena Seaton-Kelly) were each awarded 11 A*s – a further three obtained 10 A*s + 1 A and another four obtained 9 A*s and 2As.

The Headmaster, Mr Peel, commented: “These results do not just happen – they stem from a combination of ability and sheer hard work on the part of the pupils; skill and dedication on the part of the staff; and the support of family and friends.  I congratulate all pupils and to those who have moved on I offer my best wishes

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