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Education Bill – Important Information


Sullivan Upper School: EDUCATION BILL

Please click HERE to find a very important letter asking for your support to amend the ESA Bill that is passing through Stormont at the moment.  At the conclusion of the letter, the Principals of Bloomfield and Strathearn are asking you to join with us to lobby the First Minister.  You can do this by completing a postcard (which your son/daughter should bring home this week) or, more easily, copying the text of the paragraph below into an email (subject ESA Bill), adding your name and address, and emailing it to

Thank you for your support in the matter.

C J W PEEL Headmaster March 2013

Dear Mr Robinson

As a supporter of local grammar schools, I wish to express my opposition to the Education Bill currently before the Assembly Education Committee.  Specifically, I am opposed to: 

  1. the reduction in powers of local Boards of Governors;

  2. the control of our schools being surrendered to ESA and the Education Minister;

  3. the increased bureaucracy and associated costs;

  4. the lack of representation for grammar schools on the ESA Board.  

I request that, before this Bill is passed into law, you ensure that amendments are put in place to make certain that  

  1. the power to run all schools resides with local Boards of Governors and

  2. more power and funding would come directly to all schools for the benefit of pupils.  

Thank you

 Name Please Print Address  Signature

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