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Sullivan Upper – Army Cadet Force (ACF)

Nine pupils attended summer camp in Otterburn.  Two alumni (Anna and David Matthews ) attended Bisley and represented the cadets in shooting at various levels.

At camp, a team of six pupils won the 2nd Northern Ireland Battalion ACF drill competition for Sullivan detachment.  They were ranked 1st out of the 36 detachments that compose our Battalion, a fantastic achievement for a comparatively junior team.  Those involved were Jack Milligan, James Butt, David Cooley, Daniel Braniff, Joanna Baker and Tom Parsons.  

The 2012/13 training year has been very successful for Sullivan thanks to a great group of pupils and a great team of instructors supporting them.   Hopefully, this academic year will be one of our best!  

We are keen to invite new members of the student body to join us and it is the ideal time of the year to do so.  All Sullivan pupils aged 12 and above are welcome to join.  ACF meet every Wednesday during term time from 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm.  

For any additional information please feel free to check out the ACF website (

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