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Annual pi-day Competition

The Mathematics Department held their annual pi-day competition on Thursday, March 13th (3.14). The winner is the pupil who can recall pi to the greatest number of decimal places.  We had pupils across Years 8 to 12 taking part, with this year’s winner being Ethan Dilworth in Year 9 with 459 decimal places.  Ethan is typical of many of the entrants who improved their score from the previous year. In fact, his score improved more than 150 decimal places from last year.


All the pupils who participated impressed us with their memory.  Special mention should go to Amy Walker in Year 8 with 240, Jody Robinson in Year 9 with 146, Amy Doyle in Year 10 with 135 and Kate Reavy in Year 11 with 350. The Amys were unlucky as both had learnt pi to more decimal places but the pressure on the day resulted in an unfortunate error.  We hope, they and others, take up the challenge again next year.


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