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Physical Education

Departmental Aims
  1. To deliver the Northern Ireland Physical Education Curriculum.

  2. To make Physical Education an enjoyable experience for pupils.

  3. To acquire knowledge and participate in a wide range of activities.

  4. To acquire and develop techniques in a variety of physical activities.

  5. To make pupils aware of how they can develop a programme to improve their personal fitness.

  6. To acquire knowledge and understanding of safety factors in Physical Education, and also the rules in a particular activity and the need for them.

  7. To experience the full range of the Physical Education Curriculum as part of a progressive and developmental programme.

  8. To develop social and personal qualities of:

    1. co-operation in team group or partner work;

    2. a sensitivity to other pupils ideas;

    3. self-confidence;

    4. a sensitivity to capable pupils;

    5. self-discipline;

    6. reliability; 

    7. perseverance;

    8. sportsmanship.

  9. To develop an increasing awareness of the understanding of their bodies and the ways in which they may keep healthy, supple and gain in strength.

  10. To help them become aware of the abuses to their minds and bodies and to identify ways in which they can be prevented or eradicated.

  11. To gain an aesthetic appreciation of movement.

  12. To promote in a pupil a love of, interest in and knowledge of Physical Education and its contribution to the maintenance of life-long personal health and fitness.


Mrs S M Hutchinson (Head of Department) (Part-Time)
Mr J Quigley (Head of Department) 
Mr A M Craig (Part-Time)
Mr C M Henderson (Career Break)
Mr P Kirk (T)
Mrs C Stewart (Part-Time)
Miss S Wilson

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