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Business Studies

Departmental Aims

Business Studies is available at both GCSE and A Level, it provides a unique insight into the world of work and explores the key elements and essential functions of a business. It also examines how businesses operate and allows pupils to investigate elements such as marketing, e-business, planning, entrepreneurship, sustainability and risk management.

As a subject it aims to prepare pupils with the skills and knowledge needed for the world of work and further study. As a whole it provides knowledge and holistic understanding that is invaluable to those students who are approaching or currently in the workplace. It offers an excellent foundation for students wanting to pursue careers in management, marketing, project management, business accounting, management consultancy, human resources and business journalism as well as those interested in continuing on to further study.


Mrs N Borland (Coordinator) (T) 

Mrs K Jordan (Coordinator) (Maternity)
Mrs J Annett (Part-Time)
Mr C O'Neill (T)
Mr S Thompson


Examination board: CCEA

Course content:

The CCEA GCSE Business Studies specification encourages students to investigate how businesses start up. They explore the resources, marketing and finance that businesses need and the challenges they face.

They also examine how businesses grow and the role of stakeholders: groups that have an interest in a business. They understand the role of human resources, the recruitment and selection process, and the value of employee training and motivation.

Important new topics include the role of social enterprise, e-business and m-business. Students discover how businesses can use electronic and mobile technology in different ways. They also learn to apply skills such as decision making, proposing business strategies or solutions, understanding other viewpoints and justifying decisions.


Unit 1: Starting a Business (40%)
External written examination - 1 hour 30 mins

Topics covered;
• Creating a Business
• Marketing
• Business Operations

Unit 2: Developing a Business (40%)
External written examination - 1 hour 30 mins

Topics covered;
• Human Resources
• Business Growth
• Finance

Unit 3: Planning a Business (20%)
Controlled Assessment

Students complete the following;
- Booklet A: Planning
- Booklet B: Communicate findings (controlled setting)

Topics covered;
• Business Plan


Examination board: CCEA

Course content:

The CCEA GCE Business Studies specification provides insight into how organisations meet stakeholders’ needs. Students explore businesses’ decision-making and risk-taking processes. They develop awareness of organisations’ ethical dilemmas and responsibilities.

Students also develop transferable skills that help them to access further education courses or become valued employees. This course offers a foundation for careers in marketing, finance, accountancy, human resources or self-employment.


AS 1: Introduction to Business (50% AS/ 20% A Level)
External written examination - 1 hour 30 mins

Topics covered;
• Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
• Central Purpose of Business Activity
• Forms of Business Ownership
• Stakeholder Groups
• Market & Market Forces
• Quality Management
• Productivity & Investment
• Organisational Design
• Investing in People
• Motivation
• Management

AS 2: Growing the Business (50% AS/ 20% A Level)
External written examination - 1 hour 30 mins

Topics covered;
• Competition
• Market Research
• Marketing Mix
• Elasticity of Demand &Product Life Cycle
• Marketing Planning & Strategy
• E-Business & E-Commerce
• Sources of Finance
• Break-Even Analysis
• Cash Flow Forecast
• Budgeting
• Financial Statements

A2 1: Strategic Decision Making (30% A Level)
External written examination – 2 Hours

Topics covered;
• Business Objectives
• Organisational Culture
• Stakeholder Objectives
• Communication
• Economies & Diseconomies of Scale
• Business Strategy & Planning
• Decision Tree Analysis
• Risk & Uncertainty
• Company Accounts
• Ratio Analysis
• Investment Appraisal

A2 2: The Competitive Business Environment (30% A Level)
External written examination – 2 Hours

Topics covered;
• Macroeconomic Framework
• Government Policies
• Globalisation
• Business Ethics
• Sustainability
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Organisational Design
• Monopolies, Mergers & Takeovers
• Change

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