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Art, Design & Moving Image

Art, Design & Moving Image


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Departmental Aims

Sullivan Creative Arts is the home of ART, DESIGN and MOVING IMAGE ARTS at Sullivan Upper School. 


Above all we want to ensure that every pupil's experience of Art and Design is a positive, engaging and rewarding one.


With the knowledge that our local and global creative industries are expanding at a rapid pace, we want to enlighten pupils to the opportunities available for them and equip them with the relevant skills needed should a creative path be their choice in future. 

Recognising that creative thinking and approaches are fundamental in any subject, career sector or industry, we strive to inspire and unlock these skills in students of all skill backgrounds, and encourage exploration of the many exciting areas of the design sector: 


  • Fine Art 

  • Ceramics

  • Graphic Design, Interaction Design

  • Illustration

  • Fashion Design & Textiles

  • Product Design & 3D Modelling

  • Architecture

  • Photography & Film

  • Design for Film 

With a well-established department in terms of both resources and staff, there’s no holding back on what students can produce in Sullivan Creative Arts. We aim to provide an exciting and hands-on learning experience for all our pupils, recognising that creative skill and talent presents itself in lots of different ways.


Mrs L Davidson (Head of Department) (Part-Time)
Mr R B McKillen
Mrs J Simon (Part-Time)
Ms S A Wallace 

Miss A Lawlor (Art and Moving Image Technician) 

Key Stage 3 Creative Arts

Junior school at Sullivan Creative Arts challenges pupils to a wide range of media and techniques as they begin their creative journey. Pupils get the opportunity to work in a range of 2D and 3D forms (including illustration, sculpture, ceramic and print) as well as in a range of traditional and more contemporary mediums (such as Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Painting, 3D Modelling and Animation.) ​​


Art & Design

Those who choose GCSE Art and Design at Sullivan are in for an exciting, broad exploration of the Creative Arts. The department currently studies the CCEA Art and Design specification and has been recognised by CCEA for producing outstanding talent through our regular inclusion in True Colours exhibitions.


Year 11 begins with a wide-ranging, introductory portfolio that takes your Art skills (in whatever form that may take) to a new level and at the same time opens your eyes to a range of new and exciting techniques. Gradually, you’ll head towards an outcome which can be derived from any discipline within the Creative Arts world. 


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Moving Image Arts

Ever wanted to write, direct, edit and release your very own short film?


If the answer is YES, then Moving Image Arts GCSE is the way to go! 

Your goal at the end of the two-year course is to come up with an exciting venture into film-making, be that a Hitchcock-inspired murder mystery, a Marvel-style superhero adventure or even a terrifying zombie horror film!


You’ll watch movies, analyse scripts and even dabble in animation in this exciting two-year course at Sullivan Creative Arts. 


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Art & Design

A-Level Art & Design at Sullivan Creative Arts is a substantial and rewarding step above GCSE. Pupils develop the ability to work independently and are encouraged to experiment with and discover new techniques and processes. The department currently studies the CCEA GCE Art and Design Specification.


The teaching approach aims to encourage individual interests and skills to develop through investigation into both traditional and contemporary artists and all aspects of both Art and Design. Pupils will flourish and begin to develop a portfolio that not reflects their creative flair but that adequately prepares them for further study beyond school or direct entry to industry.


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Moving Image Arts

A-Level Moving Image Arts at Sullivan is the perfect opportunity to go BEHIND-THE-SCENES of the ever-expanding film industry and guide your own development process towards an exciting short. In many instances, people have found film to be a fantastic career path after taking A-Level at Sullivan Creative Arts.

The CCEA specification allows pupils to explore all areas of production management, film production as well as the theoretical study of film.


The department's standard has been recognised and rewarded by CCEA (through top candidate awards at both GCSE and A Level and inclusion on an annual basis in the Foyle Film Festival.


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